Friday, May 28, 2010

Up Next Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico Primaries

     As can be expected many are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend and I wish you well as you attend the parades, memorial services, and cookouts.  For those voters in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico primary election day is June 1.  Sarah Palin has endorsed Susana Martinez for governor in the New Mexico primary and the polling is looking good for her.  The Susana Martinez campaign website is here.  Full candidate directories for each state can be found below.  Have a good weekend and don't forget to vote.

Alabama candidate directory

Mississippi candidate directory

New Mexico candidate directory

Thursday, May 27, 2010

South Carolina Voters, Enough Is Enough - Updated

     What is going on in the South Carolina primary for governor is truly a sad spectacle.  Now that Nikki Haley is leading in the polls we have what amounts to a lynching in the media with the culprit dribbling out vague and inconclusive evidence daily.  I have one word of advice for Nikki Haley - SUE!  A lawsuit needs to be filed against this individual as soon as possible.   Not only will he continue to give out information slowly to benefit himself, I believe that this will ratchet up until election day when another piece of "evidence" or damaging statement will be made leaving Nikki Haley with no time to respond.  Beyond this the voters of South Carolina need to reign in the establishment that is entrenched in the Columbia legislature.  Remember that many democrats in SC switched to the GOP when republicans swept into power in 1994.  Notice how quickly Columbia raises taxes and spending and how slowly they cut taxes.  Take a hard look at candidates at all levels in the June 8th primary and vote the establishment out.  Check the websites below for candidate information.

Sciway election guide

Politics1 candidate directory

Update: is Letting the Chips Fall Where They May

Update 2: Since the first accusation did not lower Haley's standing in the polls another accusation of infidelity has been made.  This time by someone from the Bauer campaign.  Fortunately Nikki Haley has a spine and is fighting this.  The first accusation did not work and I don't believe this one will either, but if they are really this desperate to stop Haley I still think another wild accusation could be coming right before election day leaving the Haley campaign with little time to respond. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 18 Primaries and Special Election - Updated

    We are now heading towards the primary contests to be held in four states on May 18.  Of these contests, the Kentucky Senate primary has received the most attention from the national media.  This contest is a proxy war, an internecine struggle between the Senator Mitch McConnell establishment republicans and the conservatives led by Senator Jim Demint.  No longer willing to stay on the sidelines they have made endorsements in the last few weeks - McConnell has endorsed Trey Grayson and Rand Paul has been endorsed by Jim Demint and Jim Bunning along with Sarah Palin.  Besides philosophical differences, at issue is the leadership of the republican senate conference as illustrated by Rand Paul's statement concerning McConnell's future position as republican leader in the Senate.
    Also on this date there will be a special election in Pennsylvania district 12 to replace the late John Murtha.  While it is important to vote in primaries, it is especially critical to get out and vote in this contest so as to deny Nancy Pelosi and Obama another House seat.  Tim Burns is the candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin and he is conducting a money bomb that ends tomorrow.  Candidate directories for all of the states with contests on May 18 are below.  Please vote if you live in one of these states.

Oregon Primary Candidates Directory

Arkansas Primary Candidates Directory

Kentucky Primary Candidates Directory

Pennsylvania Primary Candidates Directory

Update: Tim Burns has raised money bomb goal from 25K to 60K

Update 2: The Tim Burns money bomb has ended and he tweeted this- 
There is an AMAZING amount of support for this campaign! People from all over the US R here helping to SAVE THIS COUNTRY! THX!

The PA 12 race is a dead heat so voter turnout will be key.  Tim Burns website is

America By Heart Available for Pre-Order

As you have probably heard, Sarah Palin's new book 'America By Heart' will be released on November 23.  A full write up of the book is here.  With this announcement bookstores are now taking pre-orders.  Links to place your pre-order can be found below.

Amazon - America By Heart page

Barnes and Noble - America By Heart page

Borders - America By Heart page

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Overlook May 11 Primaries

Although the national media focus is on the primaries next week on May 18, please don't overlook the primaries taking place in Nebraska and West Virginia on May 11.  Every primary election is important in shaping the direction of the republican party.  I urge all Nebraska and West Virginia residents to vote in the May 11 primaries.  The links below have candidate information.

Candidate Directory West Virginia

Candidate Directory Nebraska

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Palin's Fiorina Endorsement: California's Difficult Decision

Sarah Palin has now endorsed Carly Fiorina and, as can be expected, the supporters of Chuck Devore are disappointed.  I too have been following the primary race in California and was hoping that Chuck Devore would win.  Unfortunately the polls continue to show that my hope is in vain.  I am not sure I agree with some that Fiorina is the best choice, but California voters will have a tough choice to make.  While Campbell enjoys the support of liberal republicans the conservative vote is now split between Devore and Fiorina.  For this reason Campbell has been leading this race for a while.  Situations like this are why I like run-off elections.  Since California has no run-off election voters face the prospect of voting for their chosen candidate and possibly allowing a true liberal in Campbell win or making a pragmatic vote for a candidate that is not the ideal choice to prevent a Campbell win.  Sarah Palin is hoping the voters of California will take the second option.  Her decision is not in line with the purist ideals of some, but “politics is the art of the possible, the attainable - the art of the next best” - Otto von Bismarck.

Some Thoughts Following May 4 Primary

With many Republican incumbents winning in the primaries on May 4, I fully expected the national media to once again drone on about the weakness of  the tea party movement.  This has not happened as the media is working overtime to cover for Obama on the oil spill in the Gulf and the attempted attack in NY while they largely ignore the flooding in TN. Of course they could still talk about this on the Sunday news shows.  We shall see.

As with the primaries in Illinois and Texas held earlier this year, the results of Tuesday's primary show that voters preferred GOP incumbents to the alternatives they had.  It also shows what happens when votes are divided in a crowded field as they were in the Indiana Senate primary.  Situations like this are the reason I like primary run-off elections.  A run-off is preferable to either voting for someone because you don't want another candidate to win or asking a candidate to drop out so another can win.

It was disappointing, but not unexpected, that the voter turnout for the primaries on Tuesday was the usual low percentage seen in the past.  The voters enthusiasm seems to be directed at the November elections only.  I continue to urge all conservatives to vote in their state primaries and take part in deciding who gets to run in November.  To help with this see politics1 on my links list for access to election information for you state.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vote Today

        While many are understandably looking forward to the November elections, we must not lose sight of the primary contests.  It should be clear to all that trying to teach the GOP a lesson by voting them out in the general election does not work.  This only serves to give ammunition to those who are trying to keep the party in the "center".  It also lead to the situation we have now with liberals in control of the White House and Congress.  The only way to control the direction of the political parties is to vote in primaries.  Take a look at the links below and if you are in NC, OH or IN vote in your state primary today.

NC Primary Candidates

Ohio Primary Candidates

Indiana Primary Candidates