Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 18 Primaries and Special Election - Updated

    We are now heading towards the primary contests to be held in four states on May 18.  Of these contests, the Kentucky Senate primary has received the most attention from the national media.  This contest is a proxy war, an internecine struggle between the Senator Mitch McConnell establishment republicans and the conservatives led by Senator Jim Demint.  No longer willing to stay on the sidelines they have made endorsements in the last few weeks - McConnell has endorsed Trey Grayson and Rand Paul has been endorsed by Jim Demint and Jim Bunning along with Sarah Palin.  Besides philosophical differences, at issue is the leadership of the republican senate conference as illustrated by Rand Paul's statement concerning McConnell's future position as republican leader in the Senate.
    Also on this date there will be a special election in Pennsylvania district 12 to replace the late John Murtha.  While it is important to vote in primaries, it is especially critical to get out and vote in this contest so as to deny Nancy Pelosi and Obama another House seat.  Tim Burns is the candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin and he is conducting a money bomb that ends tomorrow.  Candidate directories for all of the states with contests on May 18 are below.  Please vote if you live in one of these states.

Oregon Primary Candidates Directory

Arkansas Primary Candidates Directory

Kentucky Primary Candidates Directory

Pennsylvania Primary Candidates Directory

Update: Tim Burns has raised money bomb goal from 25K to 60K

Update 2: The Tim Burns money bomb has ended and he tweeted this- 
There is an AMAZING amount of support for this campaign! People from all over the US R here helping to SAVE THIS COUNTRY! THX!

The PA 12 race is a dead heat so voter turnout will be key.  Tim Burns website is

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