Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some Thoughts Following May 4 Primary

With many Republican incumbents winning in the primaries on May 4, I fully expected the national media to once again drone on about the weakness of  the tea party movement.  This has not happened as the media is working overtime to cover for Obama on the oil spill in the Gulf and the attempted attack in NY while they largely ignore the flooding in TN. Of course they could still talk about this on the Sunday news shows.  We shall see.

As with the primaries in Illinois and Texas held earlier this year, the results of Tuesday's primary show that voters preferred GOP incumbents to the alternatives they had.  It also shows what happens when votes are divided in a crowded field as they were in the Indiana Senate primary.  Situations like this are the reason I like primary run-off elections.  A run-off is preferable to either voting for someone because you don't want another candidate to win or asking a candidate to drop out so another can win.

It was disappointing, but not unexpected, that the voter turnout for the primaries on Tuesday was the usual low percentage seen in the past.  The voters enthusiasm seems to be directed at the November elections only.  I continue to urge all conservatives to vote in their state primaries and take part in deciding who gets to run in November.  To help with this see politics1 on my links list for access to election information for you state.

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