Thursday, May 27, 2010

South Carolina Voters, Enough Is Enough - Updated

     What is going on in the South Carolina primary for governor is truly a sad spectacle.  Now that Nikki Haley is leading in the polls we have what amounts to a lynching in the media with the culprit dribbling out vague and inconclusive evidence daily.  I have one word of advice for Nikki Haley - SUE!  A lawsuit needs to be filed against this individual as soon as possible.   Not only will he continue to give out information slowly to benefit himself, I believe that this will ratchet up until election day when another piece of "evidence" or damaging statement will be made leaving Nikki Haley with no time to respond.  Beyond this the voters of South Carolina need to reign in the establishment that is entrenched in the Columbia legislature.  Remember that many democrats in SC switched to the GOP when republicans swept into power in 1994.  Notice how quickly Columbia raises taxes and spending and how slowly they cut taxes.  Take a hard look at candidates at all levels in the June 8th primary and vote the establishment out.  Check the websites below for candidate information.

Sciway election guide

Politics1 candidate directory

Update: is Letting the Chips Fall Where They May

Update 2: Since the first accusation did not lower Haley's standing in the polls another accusation of infidelity has been made.  This time by someone from the Bauer campaign.  Fortunately Nikki Haley has a spine and is fighting this.  The first accusation did not work and I don't believe this one will either, but if they are really this desperate to stop Haley I still think another wild accusation could be coming right before election day leaving the Haley campaign with little time to respond. 

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