Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 10 Primaries in Minnesota, Colorado, Connecticut and Georgia Runoff

     A number of primary contests will be held on August 10.  In Minnesota Sarah Palin has endorsed Tom Emmer for governor and his website is here.  She has also endorsed Michele Bachmann for the House district 6 race.  Bachmann does not have a primary challenger but this is her campaign website.  In Colorado Palin has endorsed Bob McConnell for the House district 3 race.  His campaign website is here.  As I posted previously, Governor Palin will be campaigning with Karen Handel on August 9.  Rally details can be found here and Karen Handel's website is here.  Governor Palin has not endorsed any candidates in the Connecticut primary.  Candidate directories for each state contest can be found below.

Minnesota Candidate Directory

Colorado Candidate Directory

Connecticut Candidate Directory

Georgia Candidate Directory

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