Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Join Team Renee (Ellmers) - Updated

    As you know, Governor Palin has endorsed Renee Ellmers in the race for the U.S. House, NC district 2 race.  Ellmers is in a tough contest against incumbent Bob Etheridge that you may remember from this video in which he attacks a student.  Renee Ellmers is now asking supporters to join Team Renee to help her spread her message.  We need to take Etheridge out of office to show that violence will not be tolerated against those who disagree.  This race is currently rated as leans democrat.  Do what you can to help Ellmers win.

Update - Go here to watch  the debate between Renee Ellemers and Bob Etheridge.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Allen West Asks For Volunteers

     Allen West, candidate for U.S. House from Florida district 22 continues to to be in a tight race against incumbent democrat Joe Klein.  The democrat continues to attack Colonel West's character and even went so low as to release Allen West's social security number.  Recent polling shows West with momentum, but he needs help to keep it going.  Allen West is now calling on supporters to to increase volunteer efforts on behalf of his campaign.  Please do what you can to help this great man win this race.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lisa Murkowski Directly Attacking Tea Party

     It was not enough for Lisa Murkowski to lose a primary and then ignore the will of the voters by mounting a write in bid.  Murkowski is now running ads attacking the Tea Party Express.  How much PAC money has she raised in this election? Murkowski really is a no-class, spoiled brat RINO with the belief that she is entitled to power.  Joe Miller must win this race so that the nation is rid of this woman.  Murkowski still has plenty of campaign cash to spend and Joe Miller is lagging behind in the money race.  Please go here  and give Joe Miller what you can.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Voter Registration Deadlines Approaching Fast

     Although the mid-term election is November 2, some of the deadlines for registering to vote are approaching fast. Some states require registration 30 days prior to the election which means the deadline in those states would be October 2. If you need to register to vote or know someone that does go this site for registration deadlines and absentee ballot information for your state.  For military voters and others that will be out of the country on election day go here for voting  assistance designed especially for you.  State government sites with voter information are listed below.

Alabama                 Alaska                Arizona

Arkansas                California                Colorado

Connecticut            Delaware                 Florida

Georgia                  Hawaii                     Idaho

Illinois                    Indiana                     Iowa

Kansas                  Kentucky                  Louisiana

Maine                    Maryland                  Massachusetts

Michigan               Minnesota                 Mississippi

Missouri               Montana                    Nebraska

Nevada               New Hampshire          New Jersey

New Mexico       New York                  North Carolina

North Dakota      Ohio                          Oklahoma

Oregon                Pennsylvania              Rhode Island

South Carolina     South Dakota            Tennessee

Texas                  Utah                          Vermont

Virginia               Washington                West Virginia

Wisconsin           Wyoming

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SarahPac End Of Quarter Report Time

   We are now approaching the end of the third quarter when SarahPac will file another report with the FEC.  If you are planning to make a donation, please do it before October 1 to get it into this quarter.  Not only will this help Governor Palin keep pace with the other potential candidates for 2012, but this money will help her as she travels in support of candidates for the upcoming mid-term election.  Take a look at the great new video just released this week by SarahPac.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Candidates for Louisiana Runoff October 2

  Below you will find a candidate directory for the Louisiana runoff to be held on October 2.  This is the last primary election and many are more than ready for the midterms in November, but please be sure to vote in this runoff election.

Candidates for Louisiana Runoff Election

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Support Joe Miller, Murkowski Will Run As Write-In Candidate

      As I suspected, Lisa Murkowski is completely without any decency.  Murkowski has decided to mount a futile campaign as a write-in candidate.  Like Charlie Crist, Murkowski is only concerned with her personal power and the needs of her state or country are secondary to her.  This write-in effort is an act of revenge only meant to damage Joe Miller enough so that he loses to the democrat.  Real Clear Politics has changed the Alaska senate race from leans republican to only likely republican based on this news.  Please go here and contribute what you can to Joe Miller's campaign.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primaries Ending, On To The Midterms

     With the primaries ending it is now time to focus full attention on doing what we can to achieve victories in the midterms.  While we all see a teaparty conservative tidal wave coming in November, we should take nothing for granted.  We need to make sure as many teapartiers are registered to vote as possible.  Go to this site to check voter registration and absentee ballot information for each state.   The link can always be found in the Information for 2010 Election Voters page.  Candidates will also need money to get their message out.  You can check the list of Palin Endorsed Candidates as well as this candidate directory to contribute to candidates around the nation.  You can also give to Senate candidates at the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Karl Rove Reaction Not Surprising - Updated

   After the reaction of the Karl Rove and the NRSC to the win by Christine O'Donnell tea partiers were understandably angry, but it should not be a surprise.  Karl Rove is the architect of "compassionate conservatism".  Karl Rove advised G.W. Bush not to fight back against attacks by the democrats on the war and other issues.  Karl Rove is not the political genius that he is made out to be.  If he were he would not have allowed Bush to take the country to war without constantly explaining why we were there and how we would win.  He would have known that putting out policy ideas without doing anything to get the support of the people is a recipe for disaster.  Remember how well the effort to reform social security went?  Karl Rove is just another member of the ruling class. Thankfully the NRSC is now going to support O'Donnell.  Good for them.  As Governor Palin says, it is time to unite.

Update- This article in the American Thinker gives an excellent description of the real Karl Rove that we now see and be sure to listen to Mark Levin contrast his Reagan conservatism with the mentality of the establishment republicans.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Candidates for September 18 Primary Hawaii

     The final state primary of the year will be in Hawaii on September 18.  A list of candidates is below.  Please be sure to vote.

Hawaii Candidate Directory

Sarah Palin Is Coming To Iowa

    Governor Palin will speak at the Ronald Reagan Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa on September 17.  This is a fundraiser for the republican party of Iowa.  Prices for this event will be $100 per person or $1000 for a table of 10.  Alternatively, there will be an opportunity to earn tickets by volunteering.  Check the Iowa GOP site for more information.