Friday, August 27, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Needs You

     Christine O'Donnell is in a tough fight against the liberal Mike Castle in the Senate primary for Delaware on September 14.  Governor Palin has strongly endorsed O'Donnell.  Mike Castle voted for Cap 'n Tax and in fact the democrats are banking on Mike Castle to help them pass more of their liberal agenda during the lame duck session after the election.  Read more about how liberal Mike Castle is from Dan Riehl, Michelle Malkin, and Cubachi.  Rush Limbaugh does not endorse candidates, but gave his thoughts on Christine O'Donnell.  Mark Levin commented on this race and Mark had Christine on his show 9/9.  Mike Castle along with the RINO establishment is throwing the everything they have at O'Donnell in negative ads to defeat her.  Here is the American Spectator article desribing this in The Ruling Class Hits Christine O'Donnell.   She needs the help of teapartiers nationwide.  Go here to contribute to her campaign and here to make phone calls to get out the vote.

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