Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Karl Rove Reaction Not Surprising - Updated

   After the reaction of the Karl Rove and the NRSC to the win by Christine O'Donnell tea partiers were understandably angry, but it should not be a surprise.  Karl Rove is the architect of "compassionate conservatism".  Karl Rove advised G.W. Bush not to fight back against attacks by the democrats on the war and other issues.  Karl Rove is not the political genius that he is made out to be.  If he were he would not have allowed Bush to take the country to war without constantly explaining why we were there and how we would win.  He would have known that putting out policy ideas without doing anything to get the support of the people is a recipe for disaster.  Remember how well the effort to reform social security went?  Karl Rove is just another member of the ruling class. Thankfully the NRSC is now going to support O'Donnell.  Good for them.  As Governor Palin says, it is time to unite.

Update- This article in the American Thinker gives an excellent description of the real Karl Rove that we now see and be sure to listen to Mark Levin contrast his Reagan conservatism with the mentality of the establishment republicans.

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