Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delaware Voters Have A Clear Choice

     During last night's debate, Christine O'Donnell was able to move past the attacks on her character  and get to the issues, drawing a clear contrast between herself and Chris Coons.   The voters of Delaware now have a choice to vote for Chris Coons, a tax and spend liberal that believes bigger government is the solution to everything and who will help continue the failed policies of Obama, Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Alternatively, voters can choose smaller government, greater freedom, the repeal of obamacare and the death of cap and trade by voting for Christine O'Donnell.  Since CNN cut away from the debate last night, you can watch it here.  O'Donnell has launched a page to fact check the debate.  Obama will be in Delaware on October 15 to support Chris Coons.  This race is not over no matter what the polling says.  Please continue to support Christine O'Donnell's campaign.

Go here to make phone calls for Christine O'Donnell from home.

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