Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Democrats Claim They Are Listening, Don't Believe The Hype - Update

     A previous post said to voters don't be fooled by democrats, vote them all out.  In addition let me expand on two other issues facing us.  Many democrats are now trying to moderate their positions on taxes and would have us believe that they want to pass tax cuts for the middle class while leaving it in place for the "rich".  Besides the fact that the rich are the employers no voter should believe that Obama will ever lower taxes on anyone.  Remember that Obama has already proposed raising taxes on those making less than $250K.  The Congress has not passed a budget because they did not want us to see how much money they are planning to spend.  The democrats, in spite of what they say right now, are actually planning to massively raise taxes to pay for this spending.  Obama formed a debt commission for the purpose of coming of with a plan to raise taxes, including a european style value added tax .

    Democrats are also saying that we should elect them so that they can "fix" obamacare.  They did not listen to us during the town halls in 2009 or when we showed up in D.C.  Are we to believe now that if we just send them back to D.C. they will pay attention to us?  No way!  These people ignored what we wanted and forced obamacare on us, a bill the vast majority of congressmen had not read.  Pelosi even had the gall to say that we had to pass the bill to find out what is in it.  As I said before, vote out as many democrats as possible.

Update - Read more here about democrat dirty campaign tactics.

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