Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Be Fooled By Democrats, Vote Them All Out

    As you can see on your televisions and hear on your radios the democrats have no agenda that voters support so they are running negative ads to attack their republican opponents while blue dog democrats attempt to distance themselves from Obama's failed policies.  Everyone should realize now that there is no such thing as a blue dog democrat.  This election is not about who best can represent the best interests of each state and while the republican party has its flaws, the time to deal with that was in the primaries.  We stand on the brink of full blown European style socialism and no matter what they say in their ads, every democrat sent to D.C. will enable that agenda.  With all of the democrats running away from the Obama agenda, how many of them voted for Pelosi as Speaker?  Which democrats voted for the failed stimulus act?  Look at the democrats that voted for obamacare the first or the second time.  Who in the House voted for cap and trade and who in the Senate wanted to vote for it?  These questions must be considered before voting for any democrat.  Does anyone really believe that sending democrats back to D.C. will help to stop any of these things or the coming expiration of the Bush tax cuts on December 31?  We need to vote out as many democrats as possible to limit Obama's socialist agenda.

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