Friday, October 15, 2010

Ignore The Polls And Vote Early

     If you have been paying attention to the polls and election projections are all over the ballpark and should be taken with a grain of salt.  Pollsters are using various sampling methods and now we are seeing crazy polls that have democrats leading races in which they have been trailing far behind.  Democrats and their allies are now trying to use polls encourage their supporters to vote.  Fortunately for us, turnout, not polling, will determine the 2010 election.  We have been looking forward to the conservative republican tidal wave to come on November 2, but democrats are already up to their dirty tricks.  We will need every possible vote so why not start now.   Early voting has started in many states so you can vote today and don't have to wait until November 2.  Be sure to take other conservative voters with you.  Please also keep in mind that registration and absentee ballot deadlines are approaching.  Military voters can go here or here for assistance.  All of these sites can be found on the "Registration, Absentee And Early Voting Info" page at the top of this blog.  This is the time we have waited for since they tried to pass cap and trade, and they force obamacare on us.  Now is the time!  Let's get out there and vote!

Read about desperate democrats dirty tricks.

This video summarizes what is at stake in this election.

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