Wednesday, October 20, 2010

South Carolina, Sheheen Is A Liberal, Vote For Nikki Haley

     South Carolina voters, as you can see Vince Sheheen is trying to pretend he is a moderate, common sense candidate for governor.  He is not!  Sheheen is a liberal.  Earlier this year, Sheheen was running ads promoting his efforts to support Obama's stimulus package over the objection of Governor Sanford.  Now that he is in the general election he is running as a moderate.  His ads are solely focused on getting voters to question Nikki Haley's character.  Will Sheheen work with other states to stop Obamacare?  The answer is no.  The polls look good for Nikki Haley, but don't take it for granted that she will win.  Join team Haley today.

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