Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michael Reagan Joins The Establishment

  Michael Reagan has now joined the GOP establishment effort to stop Sarah Palin from running for President.  Michael once compared Governor Palin to his father Ronald Reagan and only last week Michael said that the other potential 2012 candidates don't have the passion that Sarah Palin has.  Now Michael Reagan says that Sarah Palin is too polarizing to be President.  He further reveals GOP establishment thinking when he says that "it may be anyone but Obama by 2012" meaning that the condition of the country may be so bad that Obama will be a sure loser.  The naivete of Michael Reagan and the rest of the GOP establishment is disappointing.  I should not be surprised by this.  The GOP establishment gasped when Rush Limbaugh said "I hope he (Obama) fails", were horrified when Sarah Palin use the term "death panels" in describing Obamacare's administrators, and dismiss the tea party when we call Obama a socialist.  Regardless of the economy or any other factor, the 2012 presidential race will by no means be easy.  You have all just witnessed the level of mud and slime that democrats and their allies throw at candidates when their power in Congress is threatened.  What do you think they will do when "The One" is actually on the ballot.  Does anyone believe that the  democrats, leftist media and other organizations will sit idly by and allow Obama to be a failed one term president.  No Way!  No matter who the GOP nominee is for president every skeleton in their closet will be dug up to show that they are a racist, sexist, homophobic and whatever other negative attribute you can think of.  The level of mudslinging by democrats and innuendo in the media will be far worse than the election that just passed, in effect polarizing Obama's opponent.  The question is do we want a candidate who will fight for us against Obama and the left or do we want a candidate that will wilt under pressure, waging a defensive campaign to avoid criticism?   

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