Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Lessons From November 2

     Here we are after the election and the liberal media is trying to deny that it was a landslide victory.  60 House seats is more than a landslide, it is a tidal wave.  Not only did we make huge gains in the House, there were lots of big wins in the state elections too.  Indiana and Ohio are red again while the red wave also spread across Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Obama won all of these states in 2008.  As far as those in the GOP establishment attempting to blame Sarah Palin, Jim Demint and the tea party for losing some of the Senate races, we must ask what they did to help in those elections.  The answer is not much.  The establishment GOP had their chosen candidates from before the primaries and continued supporting them into the general election.  Tea party candidates were left to fend for themselves or outright sabotaged in the case of Karl Rove and Christine O'Donnell.  This cannot continue.  Conservatives are always told that they should support moderate candidates if the alternative is a liberal.  This is true, however, unity runs both ways.  The moderate GOP must support conservative candidates or they are just begging for the formation of a third party.  For our part, the tea party must dedicate more effort to getting out the vote activities.  We cannot assume that voters are as driven as we are and will automatically show up to vote.  Governor Palin has an article in the National Review with her thoughts on the election and where we go from here.  Check it out and have a look at Sarahpac's latest video below.

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