Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charles Krauthammer Still Missing It

     Charles Krauthammer is again criticizing Sarah Palin for her lack of policy knowledge.  This is factually untrue and has been refuted effectively.  Besides this, Krauthammer's focus on policy is entirely wrong.  We don't need a policy wonk in 2012.  What good are policy ideas if none of them can be implemented?  Krauthammer talks as if the 2012 republican nominee will simply put forth his/her ideas, Obama will do the same, and the people will decide.  In reality, Obama will make his proposals and then attempt to destroy his opposition according to the play book used by liberals.  Obama cannot be defeated by only promoting policies different from his.  Republicans in 2012 must argue in favor of conservative philosophy if they want to win and this can only be done by a true conservative, not a RINO.  This is what Ronald Reagan did.  Reagan is called the "Great Communicator" because he was able to explain conservatism in terms everyone could understand allowing him to get massive popular support.  Ronald Reagan did not just put forth policies that differed from the democrats, he explained exactly why liberal democrat ideas are wrong and do not work.  Sarah Palin also has the ability to do this.  This is one of the reasons she is liked so much by the tea party.  This is the reason she deserves at least a chance to run for President despite the attempt of the GOP Establishment to stop her.

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