Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Liberals Show Us Who They Are, Again

     Once again the liberals exploit a tragedy for their own political advantage.  I have come to the point where nothing the leftists do is surprising to me.  As soon as I found out that the victim was a democrat.  The liberals just suffered a devastating election and Barack Obama's polls numbers are in the basement.  They are desperate!  They are faced with the biggest politcal threat the left has ever faced.  The left cannot convince voters to support their liberal agenda so they took this chance to demonize their opponents once again.  The goal is to criminalize conservatism, to silence and  disable their opposition.  Notice that even reading one of our founding documents is a threat to them.  Just as labeling their critics as racist did not work, this attempt to silence us will also fail.  We will not follow blindly as we are led toward socialism no matter what epithets the left throws at us!  As far as Sarah Palin goes, ask yourself why the left is trying to hard to destroy her if she has absolutely no chance against Obama.

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