Friday, January 14, 2011

Obama Is Trying To Stop Palin Campaign Before It Starts - Updated

     The 2012 campaign for President has begun.  Obama has decided not to wait for Sarah to declare her candidacy, he is trying to stop her now.  Despite the conciliatory tone of his speech in Tucson, the media continues to blame Sarah Palin for the shooting. They even have a shooting victim pushing this lie.  Obama's speech was only meant to distance himself as the media does his bidding in trying to tear down Palin and saying that her political career is overLiberals will always tell you which conservatives they fear the most.  The media has been saying that Sarah Palin is unelectable.  If this were true they would welcome her as the republican nominee so that Obama could trounce her.  Instead what we see is a solid week of attempting to blame Governor Palin for something she had no connection with.  They have no evidence to prove what they are saying, but they don't care.  The media believes that people will believe this lie if they repeat enough.  Going forward, whenever Sarah Palin (or anyone else) criticizes Obama, the liberals will call her "uncivil" and bring up the Tucson shooting again.  Civility is the new censorship.  The liberals will continue to call conservative various names, but they will attempt to silence opposition with cries for "civility."

Update: The new rules of civility, as prescribed by our friends on the left.


  1. Excellent blog and article. You are correct in your assessment of Obama's "hit team" already starting the campaign against Sarah.. Keep up the good work. Truga

  2. Has anyone considered the possibility that Obama and his people set this shooting up? Read the second post. I think Obama is entirely capable of murder to further himself. I think his handlers are too. George Soros and others.
    Ex-Clinton Strategist Mark Penn: Obama Needs Event ‘Similar’ to OKC to ‘Reconnect’ With Voters (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 11:46 AM

  3. I say we get on it now aqs the GOP'S let them know that thery better not in anyway stop Sarah Palin.You think it's just Obama. It's GOP'S as well.They are so afraid of her.They know she can win.They want Ronmey who gave Mass Ronmeycare .Yes he did and it was mondated and if you did not get insurance you will be find ! Now the state is costly in insurance. MSNBC-GOP'S WANT RONMEY HE CANNOT BE PRESIDENT !