Friday, February 25, 2011

Democrats And Public Sector Unions, It's All About The Money - Update

     With republicans in several states trying to curb union benefits in order to reign in spending, the democrats as usual attempt to frame this the GOP being against the working man.  This of course is a lie meant to hide the truth, this is about money.  Public union employees are of course paid by taxpayers.  Since they are led by liberals, these unions then contribute money to the democrat party.  The unions then press for increased taxes and the cycle goes on an on contributing to the fiscal crisis that many states now face.  Federal unions are also doing this which is one of the reason Obama keeps hiring more of them.  This is also another way that democrats increase the number of people who depend on government for their livelihoods and they will be more inclined to vote for democrats.  At last this system is crashing down so democrats are now in a panic.  Liberals are planning go to town hall meetings to pressure republicans into backing down and Van Jones has called for a march on all 50 state capitols.  I fully expect the same thing to happen as the jobs of federal employees are threatened by budget cuts in Congress.  This is Obama's America!  Union employees and tea party members face off against each other in dueling rallies in cities across the country, sometimes resulting in violence.  And they say Sarah Palin is polarizing.

Update: LA Times confirms what this is all about.

Government Unions Play Key Role in Shutdown Fight

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tea Party Patriots Summit Starts February 25 - Update: Attend Online

     Tea Party Patriots the American Policy Summit February 25-27 in Phoenix Arizona.  Concerning this event Governor Palin has said "This summit offers a terrific opportunity for true American Patriots to hear from experts on issues like lowering taxes, balancing the budget and repealing Obamacare."  Go to this site for more details.

Update: You can attend this summit online if you cannot make it to Phoenix.  Go here for details.

Correction: My mistake.  I had someone from Conservatives4Palin speaking at this event when it will actually be an event in April.

Monday, February 21, 2011

National Tea Party Rally February 23 - Update

     I wrote about the importance of the events concerning the budget battle in Wisconsin here.  American Majority, the group that organized the rally in Wisconsin on 2/19 is now calling for national rallies on February 23.  The unions are taking their protests national to promote the continued power of unions and we of the tea  party must do the same.  The statement calling for national rallies is here.  Go to this page to see rallies in your state or to coordinate one.

Update - Indiana House democrats follow Wisconsin's lead and leave the state 

Obama's support of union protesters in Wisconsin is not playing well and he is now trying to back away  quietly.

Battle of Wisconsin spreads to Ohio

Governor Palin’s Q&A At Long Island Association – February 17 2011

Watch full video of Governor Palin’s Q&A At Long Island Association – February 17 2011 here.

Read Jedediah Bila's write up on this event here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Arms! Wisconsin Is Obama's Warmup For For The 2011 Budget Battle - Updated

     When Obama and the democrats passed their liberal agenda we were all supposed to just take it and when we rallied and spoke out against it we were called nazis and racists.  Now conservatives are trying to reign in out of control spending and the liberals protest and even leave the state to keep from voting.  There are also now protests in Ohio.  We now know that Organizing for America, now operating out of the DNC, is in Wisconsin coordinating  with the union protesters.  So while the spending of Obama and the democrats have failed and we are still left with 10% unemployment and nearly 20% underemployment and Obamacare itself will destroy even more jobs, Obama is out trying to help his union voters.  Private sector employees can get laid off, work less than full time and lose their houses, but government employees must be protected at all costs. Government must spend whether we have the money on not.  That is the message that Obama is trying to sell to us.  This is a practice run for the tactics he will use during the upcoming budget debate when he will accuse republicans of being heartless and cruel while the media parades victims who are suffering because the government is shut down in a replay of what Bill Clinton did in 1995.  Luckily, this is not 1995 and Obama's arguments are being pre-emptively debunked.   The republicans are also holding the line so far, but we must contact and encourage them so that they will maintaing their resolve and not cave once the attacks start.  Mark Levin and Americans For Prosperity are organizing a conference call to give information on how to fight back.  We rose up to fight Obamacare and now it is time to mobilize again.  Let's do this.

Update - Heritage Foundation lays out the importance of the showdown in Wisconsin

Obama's budget shutdown scare tactics have begun.

More information on Obama support for union protesters.

Governor Palin comments on the Wisconsin union protests.

Tea Partiers March in Wisconsin

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama's 2012 Budget, Same Old Liberalism

     As I listened to Barack Obama during the 2008 election, I quickly realized that this man is so radically leftist that he would not allow anything to stop him from implementing his socialist policies, regardless of the effects on the economy.  With his proposed 2012 budget, Obama is going forward with his agenda despite record losses in the 2010 election.  Governor Palin has written about how this budget is actually more taxes and spending, and not a move toward fiscal responsibility as the President would have us to believe.  This budget attempts to lock in the vast spending increases of the past two years, with further increases on top of that for Obama's pet programs like NPR.  Many of the supposed cuts are really budget gimmicks.  It is clear to one and all that Obama does not care about the inflation we are already experiencing.  Since his administration only includes other leftist elitists like himself with no private sector experience he is unaware that the weathy create jobs and that higher taxes will stifle that activity so this budget anticipates higher taxes in the future.  I have no desire for a repeat of the 1970's.  I agree with Mark Levin that we must do whatever we can, including a government shutdown to stop Obama from destroying this country.  Of course there will be some in the republican party that will need to have their spines stiffened so they won't cave on this. Tea Party rally anyone?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin

      Sarah Palin's birthday is February 11.  Tim Crawford, treasurer for SarahPac, has sent out an email asking Palin supporters to give to SarahPac as a birthday gift to the governor. 
Tim Crawford: On Her Birthday, Let Governor Palin Know That You Are Still Standing By Her Side

Give to SarahPac here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Understanding America

     During her speech at an event celebrating Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday told us that Reagan said "I am not a great man, I just believe in great ideas."  The Heritage Foundation was President Reagan's favorite think tank, and helped to turn his conservative principles into actual policy.  Heritage continues to promote conservative ideals and policies to this day.  It is important to understand the principles underlying the foundation of our country and conservatism.  For this purpose, Heritage has produced a series about the principles that make America great.  Each section is listed below.  Please take a moment to read these when you can.

Why Is America Exceptional?

What Is America's Role in the World?

What Does Sovereignty Matter To America?

Why Does Religious Freedom Matter?

Why Provide For The Common Defense?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celebrate Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday

Heritage Foundation: Celebrate Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday

Sarah Palin To Speak At Ronald Reagan 100 Celebration

     February 6, 2011 marks 100 years since President Ronald Reagan's birth.  To celebrate this anniversary, Governor Palin will be speaking at the opening banquet of the Reagan 100 celebration at 8 pm PT on February 4.  Fortunately, this speech will on Ustream live and will also be available online for later viewing after the event.  Sarah Palin frequently speaks about Ronald Reagan and has written an article about her thoughts concerning this great man and his legacy.  Palin's speech at the banquet will focus on Reagan's "A Time For Choosing" speech.  Reagan gave this speech in 1964 in support of the Barry Goldwater campaign, but it is amazing how much of this speech is applicable to our current situation.  It will be wonderful to watch the current standard bearer of Reagan conservatism speak about this great man.  Watch Reagan's speech below to get up to speed before Sarah speaks on Friday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Blow To Obamacare

   Hooray for the good guys!  A federal judge has followed a judge in Virginia in ruling that the individual mandate is unconstitutional.  Going further, Judge Vinson has ruled that the entire Obamacare law is voided because the individual mandate cannot be separated out from the other provisions.  You can read the entire ruling here.  Of course, the Obama continues to promote his health care reform law and complains about the activist court.  This is the same thing the democrats said when campaign finance reform was struck down by the Supreme Court last year.  The truth is that the democrats care not at all about the Constitution.  Their goal was to ram their agenda down our throats whether we liked it or not while they had the chance.  Now they will of course appeal this decision as it slowly makes it's way toward the Supreme Court where it will hopfully die.  Obamacare is unconstitutional and is less popular than at any time since it was passed, yet Obama continues to resist repealing it.  So much for his (supposed) move to the center.