Friday, February 25, 2011

Democrats And Public Sector Unions, It's All About The Money - Update

     With republicans in several states trying to curb union benefits in order to reign in spending, the democrats as usual attempt to frame this the GOP being against the working man.  This of course is a lie meant to hide the truth, this is about money.  Public union employees are of course paid by taxpayers.  Since they are led by liberals, these unions then contribute money to the democrat party.  The unions then press for increased taxes and the cycle goes on an on contributing to the fiscal crisis that many states now face.  Federal unions are also doing this which is one of the reason Obama keeps hiring more of them.  This is also another way that democrats increase the number of people who depend on government for their livelihoods and they will be more inclined to vote for democrats.  At last this system is crashing down so democrats are now in a panic.  Liberals are planning go to town hall meetings to pressure republicans into backing down and Van Jones has called for a march on all 50 state capitols.  I fully expect the same thing to happen as the jobs of federal employees are threatened by budget cuts in Congress.  This is Obama's America!  Union employees and tea party members face off against each other in dueling rallies in cities across the country, sometimes resulting in violence.  And they say Sarah Palin is polarizing.

Update: LA Times confirms what this is all about.

Government Unions Play Key Role in Shutdown Fight

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