Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama's 2012 Budget, Same Old Liberalism

     As I listened to Barack Obama during the 2008 election, I quickly realized that this man is so radically leftist that he would not allow anything to stop him from implementing his socialist policies, regardless of the effects on the economy.  With his proposed 2012 budget, Obama is going forward with his agenda despite record losses in the 2010 election.  Governor Palin has written about how this budget is actually more taxes and spending, and not a move toward fiscal responsibility as the President would have us to believe.  This budget attempts to lock in the vast spending increases of the past two years, with further increases on top of that for Obama's pet programs like NPR.  Many of the supposed cuts are really budget gimmicks.  It is clear to one and all that Obama does not care about the inflation we are already experiencing.  Since his administration only includes other leftist elitists like himself with no private sector experience he is unaware that the weathy create jobs and that higher taxes will stifle that activity so this budget anticipates higher taxes in the future.  I have no desire for a repeat of the 1970's.  I agree with Mark Levin that we must do whatever we can, including a government shutdown to stop Obama from destroying this country.  Of course there will be some in the republican party that will need to have their spines stiffened so they won't cave on this. Tea Party rally anyone?

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