Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Arms! Wisconsin Is Obama's Warmup For For The 2011 Budget Battle - Updated

     When Obama and the democrats passed their liberal agenda we were all supposed to just take it and when we rallied and spoke out against it we were called nazis and racists.  Now conservatives are trying to reign in out of control spending and the liberals protest and even leave the state to keep from voting.  There are also now protests in Ohio.  We now know that Organizing for America, now operating out of the DNC, is in Wisconsin coordinating  with the union protesters.  So while the spending of Obama and the democrats have failed and we are still left with 10% unemployment and nearly 20% underemployment and Obamacare itself will destroy even more jobs, Obama is out trying to help his union voters.  Private sector employees can get laid off, work less than full time and lose their houses, but government employees must be protected at all costs. Government must spend whether we have the money on not.  That is the message that Obama is trying to sell to us.  This is a practice run for the tactics he will use during the upcoming budget debate when he will accuse republicans of being heartless and cruel while the media parades victims who are suffering because the government is shut down in a replay of what Bill Clinton did in 1995.  Luckily, this is not 1995 and Obama's arguments are being pre-emptively debunked.   The republicans are also holding the line so far, but we must contact and encourage them so that they will maintaing their resolve and not cave once the attacks start.  Mark Levin and Americans For Prosperity are organizing a conference call to give information on how to fight back.  We rose up to fight Obamacare and now it is time to mobilize again.  Let's do this.

Update - Heritage Foundation lays out the importance of the showdown in Wisconsin

Obama's budget shutdown scare tactics have begun.

More information on Obama support for union protesters.

Governor Palin comments on the Wisconsin union protests.

Tea Partiers March in Wisconsin

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