Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Media and the Republicans

     I came across this article at American Thinker and thought I would share it.  It discusses the history of liberal bias in the lamestream media and how they slowly became for all intents and purposes a propaganda wing of the DNC.

The American mainstream media, once the most dominant news gathering entity in the world, has lost its credibility and is in the process of losing its influence.  Yet the Republicans and some conservative intelligentsia in Washington D.C. still foolishly curry the media's favor, cower in fear of their by-gone power and do not understand their motives and mindless acquiescence to group-think mentality.
This lack of integrity was never more manifest than the media's slavish fawning over Barack Obama in the 2008 election and their continued loyalty despite his myriad failings, obvious disinterest in the job of President, and his infatuation with the perquisites of his office.  Like a battered spouse, many in the mainstream media will not leave his side.

This march to the media's present role of being in league with the Obama administration is based not only on assuaging their guilt and cheerleading for his success as the first African-American President, but the culmination of the good-versus-evil orientation of modern journalism.  The process of determining who were the righteous and who were the villains was begun by the American Left over 80 years ago.

The manufactured villain turned out to be those who stand for: 1) the traditions and tenets as espoused by the founding fathers (who are responsible for creating a nation inherently unfair and racist), 2) the free enterprise system (which is riddled with perceived inequities). 

I highly recommend that you read whole thing.

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