Thursday, March 3, 2011

Race Baiting And Obama's 2012 Campaign

     The race baiting of President Obama's critics continues.  Obama is quoted in a new book calling "race a key component in tea party protests."  This demagoguery will continue and  the race card  will be used during the 2012 election.  Obama has nothing positive to warrant another term, obamacare remains unpopular, his stimulus packages have failed, and even Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke says the economy will not fully recover for five years.  Obama's only choice is to draw attention away from his failures and shift it to the tired, old, recycled memes that liberals have been using against republicans in general, and conservatives in particular, for decades.  As always the goal is to silence criticism while maximizing turnout of his supporters.  All of those who believe that this will go away if we could just avoid nominating a so called polarizing candidate are naive.  These tactics will be used no matter who the GOP nominee is.  To combat this we will need to nominate someone with a steel spine, that will not sit down and shut up when democrats and the media launch their attacks.  Otherwise, we risk a nominee that will reach out to the media and try to prove that he is not so bad.  Meanwhile that same liberal media, having dropped all pretense of objectivity in 2008, will be doing everything in their power to destroy the GOP and help Obama's ride to victory in 2012.

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