Wednesday, May 2, 2012

North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia Primaries May 8

     On May 8 there will be primaries in North Carolina, West Virginia and Indiana.  Those who are so inclined may continue to vote for either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum as they should still be listed on the ballot even though they have suspended their campaigns.  Additionally, voters in North Carolina and West Virginia can vote for "uncommitted" or "no preference" so that delegates will remain free to vote for whichever presidential candidate they choose at the convention.  All Indiana conservatives need to show up at the polls and vote for Richard Mourdock for Senate to replace RINO Dick Lugar.  Mourdock was recently endorsed by Governor Palin.

West Virginia elections

North Carolina elections

Indiana elections


  1. I urge all of my fellow Hoosiers to give serious consideration to casting their vote for Newt Gingrich on May 8. He is still in this race. We need a true conservative candidate who can not only defeat Obama, but will also provide the type of effective leadership that we so desperately need. Your vote for Newt will help to ensure that the convention becomes a brokered convention, and that the voice of all citizens are heard and considered. We do not need a coronation.

  2. I plan to vote for Newt in CA primary.

  3. Newt hasn't formally endorsed Romney and he's on all remaining primary ballots. If Romney really does have a lock with Santorum'[s endorsement last night, then IF for no other reason a protest vote [for Newt] sounds right 'bout now.