Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota And Wisconsin Primaries August 14

     On August 14 primaries for state and congressional offices will be held in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Every conservative voter needs to go to the polls and support the candidates of their choice.  If you want to force the RINO's out of office the primary is the way to do it. 

Connecticut voters can visit the state elections website and can look up their voting locations here.

Florida voters can vote early at one of these locations until August 11.  Visit the Florida elections website and find your voting location here.  Floridians who live in the seventh congressional district please get out and vote for Sandy Adams whom Sarah Palin has endorsed.

Minnesota voters can find your voting place here and a primary candidates here.  See the Minnesota elections website for more information on the primary in your state.

Candidates on the ballot in the Wisconsin primary are listed here.  Wisconsin voters can look up their polling location here

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