Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sarah Steelman's Contract with Missouri

The Sarah Steelman campaign for U.S. Senate in Missouri has posted Sarah's Contract with Missouri :

Once elected, Sarah commits to sponsoring or cosponsoring bills that will do the following:

Repeal Obamacare and its massive job killing taxes

Vote against raising the national debt limit

Oppose all and any new job killing taxes

Enact a moratorium on any new federal regulations; require a comprehensive review of all existing regulations and work to repeal unnecessary and burdensome regulations

Reform the lax code through a flat tax to create fairer taxes

Guarantee 2nd Amendment Rights to law abiding citizens

Protect the life of the unborn and end abortion

Amend the Constitution requiring Congress to pass a real balanced budget, and cap on the size of government

Eliminate taxpayer-funded Congressional pensions and perks

Suspend salaries of members of Congress until they pass a budget

Amend the Constitution enacting term limits on Congress and unelected federal judges
Vote for legislation banning all earmarks and fight any attempts to repeal or reinstitute earmarks

Go here for more information.

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