Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ted Yoho: This Race Has Turned Negative

From Ted Yoho's Facebook page:
I am sorry to tell you that this race has turned negative in the remaining days. I had hoped that my opponent would stay above the fray because as the son of a diplomat, I had higher expectations.

Last night, a robo call from my opponent went out to voters in our district telling voters that I favored higher taxes and directed them to a website that he falsely created under my name using my logo and contact information.

Further, he has refused to file any of the legally required Federal Election Commission reports to date. How can we expect a man to write laws in Congress when he can’t even follow the laws already on the books?

Not only have his actions and slanderous behavior been offensive to me and my supporters, they are embarrassing to him.

I recall a commercial that we put out a few months ago that talked about this type of nasty, typical politician behavior.

So if you are sick and tired of the mud-slinging, let JR know that his last-ditch, desperate attempts to sway voters are unacceptable, and share this with your friends who may have been contacted. He can be reached at (904)531-4737 or Facebooked @ jrforcongress.
And again, thanks so much for your support!


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